Replace Your Salary – Contents

Module 1 – Replace Your Salary – Overview

Replacing your salary
How to find or create a product that sells
How to get people to buy from you rather than anyone else
Think about your branding
A USP (unique selling proposition)
Social proof
Leave the past behind
Spend your time on what makes you money
Track your results
Become an authority
Nobody is going to make you successful
Pay attention to detail

Module 2 – How to Start an Online Business

Why do you want to become an internet marketer?
Internet marketing terminology
Set goals and get rid of distractions
Get to know your fellow marketers
Affiliate marketing for beginners
Product creation = freedom
Ideas to start your IM career
Owning your internet real estate
The gold is in your list

Module 3 – Online Success for Beginners

Analysing business models
Picking a niche
Creating a niche on your blog
Learning how to monetize a niche
Building a database of loyal subscribers
Networking to appeal to buyers and affiliates alike
Utilizing social media
Using a multi media approach

Module 4 – Online Business Models

One-Service Middleman

Coaching Slots

“How to” Reports

Evergreen System

Off-line Marketing

Aweber Autoresponder

“How to” Books

Capturing Birthdays

VIP Clubcards

Money Upfront

Module 5 – Use Your Expertise to Build Your Business Online

Establish yourself as an expert
Why you should write a book
Benefits of self-publishing your book
Writing your book
Getting ready for publication
How to profit from your book

Module 6 –Allow Yourself to Achieve Success

Learn to value your time
Learn to make decisions
Pursue your own goals and not those of other people
Lose your employee mindset
Focus on your success rather than failure
Take charge
Change your business model as often as you need to
Other people pay your bills, tax and expenses
Positive thinking is not enough – work is required
Making easy money is not wrong
What have you done to increase sales today?

Module 7 – Online Business Infrastructure

Website creation business

Introduction to website creation secrets

Getting your first sale

Planning your layout

Setting up your website

Install SEO-friendly plugins

WordPress blogs

Introduction to WordPress

WordPress installation

Dashboard walkthrough



SEO optimization

Categories, links and more



Uploading images

Adding videos

Blog list explosion

Ibtroduction to niche list building

Targeting the right keywords

Find products to sell

Setting up your website

Monetize your list

SEO and social traffic

Clickbank business

Introduction to Clickbank

What products are allowed

Sign up with Clickbank

Create a sales page

Create a Thank You/Download page

Make a payment link

Uploads files using FTP

Test payment link


Introduction to content curation

Building content curation sites for authority

Content curation strategies

Fast website flips

Introduction to website flipping

Business income model


Content and graphics

Building a site that sells

Website indexing and SEO basics

Selling your website

Generating leads for local business owners

Introduction to generating leads

Lead generation brokering companies

Your lead niche market


Basic keyword research

LSI keyword research

Keyword domain names

Making your website look professional

Creating videos that generate leads

Uploading your video to YouTube

Google Hangouts

Google can increase your traffic and conversions

Technical setup

Hangouts features overview

Hangouts chat

Screen share and capture

Apps and Google Drive

Security and controlling your Hangout

Show your live Hangouts on YouTube


What’s in a podcast

Writing an intro and outro script

Hire voiceover artist for intro and outro

Microphone and software editing tools

Create a soundproof environment

Edit your main podcast yourself

Podcast hosting – sites to use

Creating a podcast – uploading audio files

Get your RSS feed

Submit podcast to iTunes

Video traffic

YouTube video settings

Keyword market research

LSI keyword research

Edit file and upload video

Editing title, description, tags

Transcribing audio

Add transcript captions

Social signals

Social YouTubes likes and traffic

Module 8 – Product Creation

How to create products
Continuity and coaching
Be a seller of experience
If you’ve done it, then share it and sell it
Joint Venture partnerships
Share your negative results too
Share your results and your opinions

Module 9 – Build a Responsive Mailing List

The power of having a responsive email list
If you have a list, you have traffic on tap
Concentrate on quality not quantity
A squeeze page must appeal to a specific audience – not one that is too wide
Set the level of your list( that is decide what level of experience or knowledge you want your list to have)
Be your brand – and be consistent
Decide on the narrow audience of people that you are going to target
Become an expert in the subject that you are selling
How to sell without selling
Create an email schedule
Achieve a “personal” connection
Sell in every email
If you have no unsubscribes then its not working
Always keep a Swipe file
Ask them to get in touch

Module 10 – Blogging

Setting up a blog for business
Thirty-minutes a day blog promotion
Participate at forums
Recycle posts as ezine articles
Organize a joint venture
Make viral content
Obtain a guest spot on a blog
How to install WordPress
Find the best affiliate products
Beyond blogging

Module 11 – Membership Sites

The top 7 benefits of creating a membership site
Five common mistakes to avoid
Seven effective strategies
Daily tasks to complete when running a membership site
How to win back customers
Important tools you will need
Uncover the secrets to growing a massive membership
Which membership site model to go with
How much to charge for you membership site

Module 12 – The Complete Sales Process

Installing your Sales Page
Setting up your opt-in page
Setting up your privacy policy and terms
Adding video to the opt-in page
Connecting your Autoresponder
Adding a thank you page to your opt-in
Setting up your email form opt-in
Setting up a thank you page
Creating an Upsell page
Hiding the “Thank You” page from the search engines
Creating PayPal button buttons
Adding the Buy buttons to the Sales the Upsell pages

Module 13 – Tips from the Trenches

The single most important change you can make
A simple technique to sky rocket conversions
The Seven-step foolproof sales letter template
The “basics” myth
Earn £1000 a month by investing £200
Why you are not making much money online
Cashing in on webinars without holding any
Creating a course with no customer sales

Module 14 – Using ZOOM

The Zoom desktop client
Zoom Desktop Client video settings
Zoom Desktop Client recording settings
Zoom Cloud account settings
Managing your Zoom recordings
Flexibility of meetings
Setting up a meeting
Complete process – start to finish
Power Point presentation process


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1 – Replace Your Salary - Overview

2 – Starting an Online Business

3 – Online Success for Beginners

4 – Online Business Models

5 – Use Your Expertise to Build Your Business

6 – Allow Yourself to Achieve Success

Replace Your Salary


1 – Replace Your Salary - Overview

2 – Starting an Online Business

3 – Online Success for Beginners

4 – Online Business Models

5 – Use Your Expertise to Build Your Business

6 – Allow Yourself to Achieve Success


Replace Your Salary

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